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Growth Mindset

With a lot of uncertainty in education these days, we all know there needs to be changes, and we hope that those changes will benefit our students and make them better learners. At the end of the day, I know that as a teacher, I truly just want my students to grow and find success.

That’s why I created these growth mindset posters. I want my students to focus on doing better as a learner and learn how to grow and succeed. I made them with bright colors to draw in interest and used a variety of texts to make each one unique. The frames were purchased from another TpT user.


My goal with my students is to help them learn to be better learners. I am not really concerned with their test scores as long as I see them growing and adapting their understanding to try to understand better. I want them to be problem solvers, so that when they do get into the “real world,” they have tools at their disposals that they can use to fix the problem.

If you haven’t checked them out, you can here! I even offer a free sample that you can see here.

If you’re interested in the page backgrounds, the rainbow collection in pastels, jewel tones, bright, and primary can be found here as a bundle. If you’re just interested in the colors featured in these posters, those can be found here.

Stay Fabulous!

– Shannannagans



I have been a teacher since 2010. I have a bachelor's in secondary English education and a Master's in educational administration. Teaching is definitely a passion (obviously). I love educating, and I really love getting to be creative, so I try to find opportunities for the two to come together so I can create new things and inspire my students to do the same!

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