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“I Can” Statements – English Language Arts (ELA)

Okay, let’s admit it, the Common Core standards are SO DAUNTING! Some days, I think, “YES, I FINALLY CAN!” and other days I feel like I’m reading Latin (and no, I don’t know Latin), so it’s extremely frustrating.

And as crazy as it sounds, breaking down standards and putting “I can” in front of them helps ME. I also know that I should make my students aware of the language in the standards because it helps them grasp the concept not only for me, but for their other classes. Basically, it’s a universal ELA language. If we teach our students the language of the standards, it’s easier to help them be college ready.

I mean, I can tell my kids all day long to tell me what details from the story led them to their answer, but if I use words like “cite” and “evidence” (words in the standards), I am helping them as they progress from Kindergarten to 12th grade and even into college.

Anyway, to help ME, I made “I Can” statements for my 8th graders. I use “I Can” statements on my board daily, but sometimes I felt like, “I’m sooooooo tired of writing these every day. So I worked from 12th grade down to make pretty “I Can” statements from 12th grade down. I currently teach 9th through 11th, so having them is super helpful. I just printed, laminated, and I change them out on my board daily. So much better than having something else to write. I can also do multiple I can statements this way based on what standards I’m working on that day. And when my administrator walks in and asks students what we’re working on, it gives them a nice cheat sheet to help them remember and explain.

I currently have 5th grade through 12th grade posted with plans to add K-4 in the coming months (hopefully by the end of summer). If you’re a teacher looking to make his/her life easier, check them out! There are preview images below!

There are designs to match your decor. Each grade level has the following designs:

  • Polka Dots
    • Black
    • Jewel Tone
    • Rainbow
  • Stripes
    • Gray
    • Jewel Tone
    • Rainbow
  • Chevron
    • Gray
    • Rainbow
  • Damask
  • Houndstooth


I have been a teacher since 2010. I have a bachelor's in secondary English education and a Master's in educational administration. Teaching is definitely a passion (obviously). I love educating, and I really love getting to be creative, so I try to find opportunities for the two to come together so I can create new things and inspire my students to do the same!

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