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Flipbook Templates – $1.50 for FOUR different sizes!

I love a good flipbook. It allows you to get a lot of information in one compact space. If you let students color and decorate their flipbook, it’s great for creativity, and if you can get students to use it, it’s a great study tool. At the end of a unit, it’s a great way for students to show what they learned.

You can incorporate writing on one page, explanations, plot diagrams, how to solve equations, timelines, and I could go on. The flipbook possibilities are ENDLESS.

Which is why I am so excited to offer FOUR different sizes as a template! There are four different sizes: a three different 8″ wide templates – one with six sections, and two with 12. One of the 12-sections features skinny 4 inch sections for when you do not need as much room to add information. There is also a template that has two pages per page, but they are a skinnier 4″ wide size (great for saving on copies). The image below shows you a six-section template printed out to show you how it looks when completed.

**And you don’t have to use all six or twelve sections if you only need say five or eight. Print what you need!

Purchase here! It’s only $1.50, which is about 40 cents a template.

Feel free to use my template to make your own flipbook for other teachers and sell it on Teachers Pay Teachers or other comparable site. Just know, you cannot download and resell a blank template. It should be one with original content for teachers to essentially download and print.




I have been a teacher since 2010. I have a bachelor's in secondary English education and a Master's in educational administration. Teaching is definitely a passion (obviously). I love educating, and I really love getting to be creative, so I try to find opportunities for the two to come together so I can create new things and inspire my students to do the same!

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