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FREE Printable Posters!

Are you getting ready for the new school year? Check out these free printable posters available on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Again, these are 100% free! There is also a free growth mindset poster that’s a sample of a larger project!




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“I Can” Statements – English Language Arts (ELA)

Okay, let’s admit it, the Common Core standards are SO DAUNTING! Some days, I think, “YES, I FINALLY CAN!” and other days I feel like I’m reading Latin (and no, I don’t know Latin), so it’s extremely frustrating.

And as crazy as it sounds, breaking down standards and putting “I can” in front of them helps ME. I also know that I should make my students aware of the language in the standards because it helps them grasp the concept not only for me, but for their other classes. Basically, it’s a universal ELA language. If we teach our students the language of the standards, it’s easier to help them be college ready.

I mean, I can tell my kids all day long to tell me what details from the story led them to their answer, but if I use words like “cite” and “evidence” (words in the standards), I am helping them as they progress from Kindergarten to 12th grade and even into college.

Anyway, to help ME, I made “I Can” statements for my 8th graders. I use “I Can” statements on my board daily, but sometimes I felt like, “I’m sooooooo tired of writing these every day. So I worked from 12th grade down to make pretty “I Can” statements from 12th grade down. I currently teach 9th through 11th, so having them is super helpful. I just printed, laminated, and I change them out on my board daily. So much better than having something else to write. I can also do multiple I can statements this way based on what standards I’m working on that day. And when my administrator walks in and asks students what we’re working on, it gives them a nice cheat sheet to help them remember and explain.

I currently have 5th grade through 12th grade posted with plans to add K-4 in the coming months (hopefully by the end of summer). If you’re a teacher looking to make his/her life easier, check them out! There are preview images below!

There are designs to match your decor. Each grade level has the following designs:

  • Polka Dots
    • Black
    • Jewel Tone
    • Rainbow
  • Stripes
    • Gray
    • Jewel Tone
    • Rainbow
  • Chevron
    • Gray
    • Rainbow
  • Damask
  • Houndstooth
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Growth Mindset

With a lot of uncertainty in education these days, we all know there needs to be changes, and we hope that those changes will benefit our students and make them better learners. At the end of the day, I know that as a teacher, I truly just want my students to grow and find success.

That’s why I created these growth mindset posters. I want my students to focus on doing better as a learner and learn how to grow and succeed. I made them with bright colors to draw in interest and used a variety of texts to make each one unique. The frames were purchased from another TpT user.


My goal with my students is to help them learn to be better learners. I am not really concerned with their test scores as long as I see them growing and adapting their understanding to try to understand better. I want them to be problem solvers, so that when they do get into the “real world,” they have tools at their disposals that they can use to fix the problem.

If you haven’t checked them out, you can here! I even offer a free sample that you can see here.

If you’re interested in the page backgrounds, the rainbow collection in pastels, jewel tones, bright, and primary can be found here as a bundle. If you’re just interested in the colors featured in these posters, those can be found here.

Stay Fabulous!

– Shannannagans