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Flipbook Templates – $1.50 for FOUR different sizes!

I love a good flipbook. It allows you to get a lot of information in one compact space. If you let students color and decorate their flipbook, it’s great for creativity, and if you can get students to use it, it’s a great study tool. At the end of a unit, it’s a great way for students to show what they learned.

You can incorporate writing on one page, explanations, plot diagrams, how to solve equations, timelines, and I could go on. The flipbook possibilities are ENDLESS.

Which is why I am so excited to offer FOUR different sizes as a template! There are four different sizes: a three different 8″ wide templates – one with six sections, and two with 12. One of the 12-sections features skinny 4 inch sections for when you do not need as much room to add information. There is also a template that has two pages per page, but they are a skinnier 4″ wide size (great for saving on copies). The image below shows you a six-section template printed out to show you how it looks when completed.

**And you don’t have to use all six or twelve sections if you only need say five or eight. Print what you need!

Purchase here!┬áIt’s only $1.50, which is about 40 cents a template.

Feel free to use my template to make your own flipbook for other teachers and sell it on Teachers Pay Teachers or other comparable site. Just know, you cannot download and resell a blank template. It should be one with original content for teachers to essentially download and print.


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Dodecahedron (Bloom Ball) Template

Okay, so today during professional development, I saw some teachers making a cool dodecahedron project. I thought, “HOW COOL! I WANT TO DO THAT!” I came home and figured out a template and design and created my own. Talk about tedious! I researched to see the basic shape and saw that a lot of cool projects can be made using them!

I’ve created a blank template available at my TpT store, that link is below. Here are the basic instructions.

First, have students color and decorate according to your instructions BEFORE you cut, fold, and attach (I used glue, but a stapler or tape could be just as effective – and less messy). I cut and folded first before I wrote the note you’ll see below. Guess it’s a warning for me.


Then, cut out the circles and fold along the dotted line.

Next, start to glue the pieces together. You can glue three flat before you add the fourth one at the top of the three. Once you glue the fourth one, the 3D begins to take shape. Keep gluing, stapling, or taping each rounded part as you go, connecting each piece. It will begin to take shape. Each rounded tab should be connected to the next rounded tab. I suggest trying it a few times first before starting with students in order to ensure you have the process ready to go to help students.

Once you’re finished, you end up with a pretty awesome, albeit big, decahedron. These would be great to have students write something positive about themselves on each side to hang up in the classroom! It would serve as a constant positive reminder. In the file, I also included a template that is half the size of the big template in case you have a lot of students! The tabs need to line up, but it does not have to be perfect. there may be small holes or places where the sides do not line up – don’t worry! It will still work as long as it is not COMPLETELY off-centered.

All done!

You can purchase this template for $1 HERE